Sheffield & District Chess Association

Established 1883







The current use of trophies, subject to competitions such as lower league divisions and other competitions actually being run in a given season, are as follows:




Winnerís Trophy

2019 Winner

2020 Winner

League (Winter)

Division 1

Davy Trophy

Ecclesall A

Sheffield Nomads A


Division 2

Weston Trophy

Worksop A

Hillsborough B


Division 3

Batley‑Meek Memorial Trophy

Aughton A

Barnsley B


Division 4

Athenaeum Cup

Barnsley C

Barnsley C


Division 5

PH Charles Trophy

(not contested)

(not contested)

400 League


Roebuck Cup

Darnall & Handsworth

Sheffield Nomads D

Team Knock-out

Main Event

Richardson Cup

Sheffield Nomads 1

Ecclesall I



Sam Haystead Memorial Trophy


Darnall & Handsworth

Summer League

Div. 1

Woodhouse Cup (second)

Worksop A

(not contested)


Div. 2

Hodgett Memorial Trophy

Chesterfield B

(not contested)


Div. 3

Sheffield Deaf Trophy

Rotherham B

(not contested)

Individual Champ.

Class A

Bruce Trophy

J Fletcher

(not completed)


Class B

Holroyd Trophy

K Muflehi

(not completed)


Class C

Shapero Trophy

A Taylor

(not completed)

One‑Day Rapidplay


Crabb Shield

P Hempson,

Alan McIntosh &

Aram TerGevorkian

(not contested)

One‑Day Lightning


Gurnhill Memorial Trophy

(not contested)

(not contested)


* for round 1 losers in the Richardson Cup

(underlined links above are to pages of the Sheffield sub-section of the Yorkshire Chess History website)


Descriptions, origins, photographs, and past winners are to be found on the Sheffield sub-section of the Yorkshire Chess History website, accessible via the links in the above table, or here: Sheffield Trophy Index.