Sheffield & District Chess Association

Established 1883







Summer League 2022


The following are the registered players who may not play for a team in a lower division than that for which they are registered:


Division 1

Chesterfield A:

Dave Latham (since 14/03/2022)

Daniel Sullivan (since 14/03/2022)


Darnall & Handsworth A:

Chris Ross (since 14/03/2022)

Marek Gajdosz (since 14/03/2022)


Ecclesall A:

Jim Burnett (since 14/03/2022)

Ewan Cormack (since 14/03/2022)



Miles Edwards‑Wright (since 30/03/22)

Peter Shaw (since 09/05/3033)

Ayodeji Jeje (simce 23/05/2022)


Sheffield Nomads A:

Jon Nelson (since 11/04/2022)

Oskar Hackner (since 09/05/2022)

Sam Milson (since 09/05/2022)


Woodseats A:

Mark Allison (since 14/03/2022)

Andrew Ledger (since 26/04/2022)

Daniel Gottschalk (since 24/05/2022)

Division 2

Hillsborough A:

Carl Walker (since 14/03/2022)

Paul Fletcher (since 14/03/2022)


Sheffield Nomads B:

Steve Withington (since 08/03/2022)

Henry Withington (since 04/04/2022)

Vasileios Pasialis (since 03/05/2022)


Sheffield University A:

Kyle Reed (since 08/03/2022)

Oscar Idle (since 23/03/2022)

Alejandro Lopez‑Martinez (since 17/05/2022)

Division 3

Darnall & Handsworth B:

Szilard Tamas (since 28/03/22)

Geoff Brown (since 09/05/2022)

Dave Glossop ((since 09/05/2022)


Ecclesall B:

Alan McIntosh (since 21/03/2022)

Ken McIntosh (since 21/03/2022)


Woodseats B:

Brendan Ashmore (since 12/04/2022)

Bill Ward (since 12/04/2022)


Remember that anyone playing twice on the top two boards of a team thereby automatically becomes registered for that team.  Alan McIntosh is keeping a running tally of players’ appearances, and new registrations are to be recorded above.  (No initial registrations were requested before the start of play.)


(Full Summer League Rules can be found here.)