Sheffield & District Chess Association

Established 1883



Constitution, Rules &c




S&DCA Code of Conduct


This Code, agreed by the Executive, is not a set of rules but guidance as to what sporting behaviour in chess looks like.  It should be read in conjunction with the FIDE Rules of Chess Article 11.

The responsibility for ensuring fair play resides with clubs, teams, captains and players.

Clubs should ensure their premises, conditions, and playing equipment are as comfortable and accommodating to the opposition as possible, and that opposing teams are made welcome.


Captains should ensure that play is conducted in a sporting manner as well as within the Laws. It is the Captain’s and Players’ responsibility to correct unsporting behaviour amicably, politely and without aggression.

If a player acts unfairly, this should in the first instance be drawn to their attention and escalated to the Captains if repeated. Teams may report continued failure to the Executive.


In giving these examples the Executive acknowledges that games are often played within pub environments and with the associated distractions that go with those environments.

This list is not exhaustive.

Players should:

1. Act with respect towards opponents, opposing teams, and club premises and equipment.

2. Switch Mobile Phones off before the match begins.

3. Respect the need for quiet during games and avoid discussions that could distract their opponent or others playing.

4. Ensure they are out of earshot of the match, if they hold a conversation with their opponent or an observer after their game has finished.

5. Avoid conversations with anyone else while their game is in progress.  However a player may quietly enquire about an on-going match score with the Captain.

6. Not open snack food wrappings and drink cans etc. at the board.

7. Not use electronic devices whilst games are in progress.  Electronic disability aids are of course allowed.

8. Avoid distracting an opponent either verbally or through actions.  Examples could be repeated offers of a draw, and trying to pressurise opponents into resigning or accepting a draw.

Observers should:

9. Adhere to the spirit of points 1 to 8 above.

10. Not under any circumstances give advice while the game is in progress.

11. Not point out by word or action that a player’s clock flag has fallen, or point out the time position.

12. Not intervene or interfere in games in progress in any other way. 

13. Avoid conversations whilst games are in progress.

Unresolved Issues

In the event of issues arising that are covered in this code, which cannot be amicably resolved between Captains, the matter may be referred to the Executive.  In these circumstances a full description of events and relevant chess record sheets where appropriate are required from both Captains.