Sheffield & District Chess Association

Established 1883



Constitution, Rules &c




S&DCA Data Protection & Privacy Policy



1) What Personal Data is Collected 


The Sheffield & Chess Association (S&DCA) collects names and contact details (e-mail addresses, and/or telephone numbers, and/or postal addresses) of its own officials, officials of Member Clubs, entrants to individual competitions run by the S&DCA, and persons interested in receiving the S&DCA electronic newsletter.  It also collects player’s names along with the clubs and teams they represent in competitions run by the S&DCA.


2) Internal Uses of Personal Data


The S&DCA uses personal data it collects to carry out administrative tasks necessary for running the activities of the S&DCA, including:

(a) issuing notices of S&DCA General and Executive meetings,
(b) issuing fixtures for team competitions,
(c) issuing draws for team knock-out and individual competitions,
(d) issuing notices of other competitions as may be organised from time to time, 
(e) reporting results in competitions, or progressive stages thereof, 
(f) other administrative purposes that may arise, such as requesting results, matters regarding “registration” of players, and handling disputes.


The legal basis for collecting and using personal information for purposes (a) to (f) above is “legitimate interest”. These purposes are essential to the running of organisations such as the S&DCA.


3) Publication of Personal Details on the S&DCA Website


The S&DCA publishes some personal details on a website (, to enable communication between those people in order to facilitate the running of the activities of the S&DCA as above.


Such details published on the website are available more widely, so individuals will be asked to supply explicit permission (the legally required “opt in”) for their details to be published on the website for the above purposes (a) to (f), enabling them to specify which personal details may appear on the website.


4) Bulk E-Mail Communication


Where a “reply-to-all” facility is not required, e-mails addressed by S&DCA officials to a number of people will be sent blind-copying (“BCC”) the recipients.


Where members of a group, such as the Executive or a wider group of officials, have explicitly consented to it, e-mails may be sent to that group with normal addressing rather than blind-copying, to facilitate group discussion via “reply-to-all”.


5) Electronic Newsletter


The S&DCA will collect e-mail addresses of individuals wishing to receive the electronic newsletter. The legal basis for collecting and using personal information for this purpose is “consent”.  Those wishing to receive the newsletter must supply their e-mail addresses, giving explicit consent for use for this purpose. The newsletter will be sent by e-mail, blind-copying (“BCC”) the recipients, so as not to disclose their e-mail addresses.


6) Supply of Personal Details to External Organisations


The S&DCA will not supply the personal details it collects to other organisations, except, on a “legitimate interests” basis, when necessary for the pursuit of the S&DCA’s normal activities.  Accordingly:


(1) players’ names and teams/clubs will, until present established practice changes, be posted to an external website, which is currently that of the English Chess Federation (;


2) players’ names and teams/clubs, and, if relevant, S&DCA officials’ contact details for query and/or invoicing purposes, may be supplied to an external organisation to facilitate the process of grading of chess games played in competitions run by the S&DCA.