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Sheffield (over-the-board) Summer League, and Online Season 4


The 2022 “Summer” League started yesterday.  (Check your club’s information as held on the  Club information page is correct!)   Also, the next Online Season (number 4) looms on the horizon.  Geoff Brown has sent a communication to clubs, as follows.


Hi all


Well, here we are with the restart of over-the-board competitive chess in Sheffield.  The first games in the 'Summer League' are due to be played this week.  I wish everybody 'good luck' for the season.  Let's hope everything runs smoothly and nothing stops us from playing a full season.


I wanted to remind clubs that this event will be ECF rated, and that any player who plays more than three league games should have ECF membership at Bronze level or above.  Furthermore, it has come to my attention, that those three games include any rated team matches within S&DCA during the 2021-22 season, i.e. they will include any games played in the first two rounds of the 3rd Online Season (games played on 30th September and 14th October 2021) before rating for that league was stopped.  There are, by my reckoning, 17 players from those two rounds who still don't have ECF membership (or the correct level of membership).  Without typing out the full list of names, the clubs affected are Barnsley (1 player), D&H (1 player), Nomads (3), Rotherham (4), SASCA (1), University (2) and Woodseats (5).  Those clubs might want to look at the situation more carefully to avoid any fines at the end of the season.


On another point, the recent Executive Committee meeting decided that we should look at running an Online Season 4 very soon, maybe starting as early as April.  On that basis, I would like to hear back from the clubs about their thoughts on this now that otb chess is back up and running.  Will your club support another online league running through the summer?


Once again, best wishes for the forthcoming season


Geoff Brown

General Secretary, S&DCA