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Chess and Pancakes

Tuesday 01/03/2022


Jonathan Arnott is organising a fairly casual “Chess and Pancakes'” rapidplay chess competition on Shrove Tuesday (March 1st).  Entry fee £10, includes unlimited pancakes (fair use policy applies).  Space strictly limited.


Details and entry can be found at:  


The following is taken from the entry website:


Why this event?  We like chess.  We like pancakes.  It's Pancake Day.

Venue:  Southern Light Community Church, Tannery Street, Woodhouse, Sheffield, S13 7LA.

Entry fee:  £10 (parents of juniors can pay £5 for pancakes without chess)

ECF membership:  Don't worry about it.  If everyone who enters is an ECF member, we'll ECF-rate it.  If not, we won't because we don't want to be paying a £9 per person pay-to-play fee for a casual event.  We'll let you know before the first round.

Time limit: All moves in 10 minutes plus a 5-second increment from move 1.  Players do not need to record their games.

Playing schedule:

Round 1 - 6.30pm (half-point bye allowed in Round 1 if you tell us in advance)

Short pancake break

Round 2 - 7.15pm

Round 3 - 7.45pm

Short pancake break

Round 4 - 8.30pm

Round 5 - 9pm

Pancakes will also be served between other rounds if your game finishes early.

Prizes:  Mainly you're getting lots of pancakes, but there'll be a small prize (either cash or book/DVD depending on numbers).

Pancakes, you say...?  Is there a menu or something?

Not absolutely set in stone (we're still mulling over salted caramel for one) but:

Lemon & sugar

Fresh blueberry and banana with a dash of agave nectar

Golden syrup

Canadian maple syrup 

Fresh strawberry and chocolate


Cinnamon and cream cheese icing


Maple syrup and white chocolate chip

If you can't have gluten, please let us know when entering so we can arrange pancakes with no gluten containing ingredients