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Outcomes of Executive Meeting, 27/01/2022

(unofficial summary by Steve Mann)


The Executive committee met by Zoom on the evening of Thursday 27/01/2022, and it was decided summer would start early this year!


Return of Over-the-Board Chess


On the basis of exploratory inquiries directed towards clubs, it was decided there was sufficient interest expressed to warrant organising over-the-board team competitions in 2022.  It was decided the best option was to organise an early Summer League competition.  This was the primary basis of the initial inquiry directed to clubs, which suggested around 18 teams were likely to emerge when the formal invitation for entries was sent out, which would probably mean three divisions.


The idea of a single Swiss team event among all teams was considered, as this would easily cater for various potential problems arising from the unusual circumstances, such as late entries, evolving team strength as stronger players chose to come on board late.  It would also mean team placings at the time of possible curtailment due to Covid developments could be taken as final placings.


Nevertheless, the Summer League has an existing defined format and rules, and there are trophies there to be won.  There needs to be some tweaking of the Rules regarding timing.  The start is to be in week commencing 28th February, so the closing date for entries is likely to be stipulated as 13th February.  The event is expected to run through to about 18th July, though that of course may be affected by the number of entries.


It was decided that the event would be ECF-rated, which means that players will need to be ECF members if they play more than 3 rated games across all divisions of the event, or else the clubs will be called upon to pay any resultant “game fees” charged by the ECF to the S&DCA as organisers.


Geoff Brown was poised to send out requests for entries and associated club information quite probably the day after the meeting.


Next Season of the On-Line League


Whilst over-the-board chess was to return, it was felt there would still be a desire for on-line team competition, so it was decided that after the event currently in progress had ended, there would be a break of about a month, with a new on-line season starting in April.


Clarification Regarding OTB Game Fee Liability


There may be some lack of understanding regarding the “3 free games” provision.  The following has been lifted from


Please note that the Game Fee of £18.00 (adults) or £6.00 (juniors) applies once more than three games have been played, whether four or fourteen or forty.  It applies to all games played within a particular League, in whatever division, in League format or in the League’s team K.O. or jamboree events if any. However, it is not aggregated across Leagues, so a player could play three games in the Eastshire League and three in the Westshire League without fee; but four in one and two in the other would incur a Game Fee of £18.00 or £6.00.


Note that “League” here means the organising body, in this case the S&DCA, rather than a single competition such as Davy Trophy or Richardson Cup.  In the current situation, the Summer League is the only over-the-board event involved.  Games played in the Yorkshire League, for instance, do not for these purposes get added to those played in our Summer League.