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Doncaster OTB “Jamboree” Competition


The webmaster, as a peripheral Doncaster player, has received the following e-mail from Sean McDonald, headed

“Please distribute amongst your club and to any players who you think might be interested.”


So, if you are interested and not already involved, then you are below invited to toddle along for round 2, on 1st December.


The event is intended as a series of social chess evenings, and so a round is more in the nature of a club night than a serious formal competition.


Round 1 took place on Wednesday 1st November, attracting 14 players with the following results (also on ECF LMS):





Mick Henshaw


David P Hatfield

Peter Convery


Peter J E Ackley

Peter M Tate


Phillip J Battye

Zak Tomlinson


Neil R Lowther

Martin S Simmonds


Farrell P Clifford

John E Beech


Alan J Smith

Jordan Bircumshaw


A David Smart


Now for the body of Sean’s e-mail:


Thank you for everyone who attended the first round of the new Jamboree competition.  I hope you enjoyed it and had some good games.


Round 2 is being held on the 1st of December at 7:30pm and will be held at the same venue: The Bombardier’s Club (formally the Rhino) in Woodlands.  This is both for the size of the room and to allow those from Barnsley or afar to have less distance to travel.  As usual, there is no charge for the tournament, but it is expected that we will give our custom to the bar and not bring our own food and drink.


Please note that you did not have to have attended round 1 to be able to attend later rounds.  Players can play in as many or as few rounds as they’d like, without any expectation. You also do not have to represent a Doncaster-based team.  Other clubs are welcome to attend for a pleasant evening of chess, especially whilst they wait for other leagues to resume face-to-face matches.


Please read the following key information below:


·         There is no charge for entry.

·         The venue is the Bombardier in Woodlands. Address is Princess St, Woodlands, Doncaster DN6 7LX.

·         The event is held on the first of December.

·         Registration ends at 7:30pm sharp so that games can commence by 7:45pm.

·         Each round contains 1 standard play game. The time control is an hour each for 30 moves. After Black’s 30th move, clocks are set back by 15 minutes.

·         The event is ECF graded, and membership is required.

·         Players (or captains) should aim to email me with the information of attendees as soon as possible so that I can prepare in advance.

·         Matches are designed to be fun and competitive. As such, you will be paired with a player of a similar grade as opposed to a player on the same points (especially for players who have missed rounds).

·         Above all, this event is designed to be social and so be prepared to chat! If you have tournament entry forms for congresses, feel free to bring a selection to display.


Thank you all and please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any queries,


Best Wishes,


Sean McDonald