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Intermediate Training Tournament

aimed at either adults or juniors with a rough target strength of 1100-1500 ECF

to be held on Saturday 6th November 2021

at Southern Light Community Church, Tannery Street, Woodhouse, S13 7LA


Jonathan Arnott is organising a training tournament on November 6th aimed at either adults or juniors with a rough target strength of 1100-1500 ECF, and it might be of use to those who took up the game during lockdown.  It'll consist of three rounds at 15 10, some short full-group coaching sessions and one smaller-group session to go through games, answer questions, etc.


Entries can be made on line here:


What follows is taken from that entry form:


We are pleased to announce that International Master Andrew Ledger will be joining us in the afternoon to do some group coaching sessions, as well as coaching by Jonathan Arnott throughout the day.


Who is this event for? We're aiming this (roughly) at those of ECF 1100-1500 rating strength. That said, it's up to you: if you're slightly above or below that range, or if you don't have a rating, or think you're playing better/worse than your rating, that's totally up to you.


Adults or juniors? Either.


Venue: Southern Light Community Church, Tannery Street, Woodhouse, S13 7LA.


Cost: 15 (juniors), 20 (adults)


Each player will:

a) Have one small-group coaching session (come armed with questions, positions, games to look through, etc).

b) Play 3 games of chess at a 15 10 time control 

c) Attend three short coaching sessions with the full group 

d) Participate in at least one skills-based exercise


Indicative schedule (subject to change depending on feedback):


Session 1 (10.30am): Round 1


Session 2 (11.30am) (a): Top Ten Techniques in Rook Endings


Session 2 (after a, until 12.30pm) (b): Practical exercise: rook endings


Session 3 (12.30pm): Round 2


Lunch break: 1pm to 1.45pm


Session 4 (1.45pm): Round 3


Session 5 (2.45pm): Time management how to use the chess clock effectively


Session 6 (3.15pm): Round 4


Session 7 (4.15pm): Principles of attacking chess


You play in 3 of the 4 rounds, and have one bye. During the bye, we do the small group coaching session (1:2, 1:3 or 1:4 depending on numbers - we're capping this event at 16 players). Some prizes depending on numbers.