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Sheffield Online League - Season 3


General Secretary Geoff Brown has sent out an e-mail inviting entries for Season 3 of the Sheffield Online League, as follows:


Sheffield and District Chess Association


Online Team Competition 2021 / 22 Season


The recent Executive meeting decided that the restart our over the board league wouldnít happen until, probably, into the New Year.  It was agreed, instead, to run another online league season with matches again played fortnightly on Thursday evenings starting on 30th September.  Entries are now invited (closing date is Saturday, 18th September) whether your club played in previous seasons of this, or not.


Matches will again be played on Lichess, over four boards, and we will use the final league tables from Season 2 as the basis for the coming season but taking into account any promotions, relegations, and new teams entering.  A final decision on the league make-up will be made once we have all the entries in.  Note that an invitation is also being extended to Doncaster & District clubs.


League rules are likely to remain much as they were for Season 2 and will be circulated prior to start of the new season.  One item that some people would like to see changed is the rating of games.  In seasons 1 and 2 games were not sent to the ECF for online rating as a good number of local players hadnít renewed their ECF membership due to the lack of otb games.  Now that there is a likelihood of otb returning fairly soon (there are already some congresses taking place, and the YCA league resumes in October), more players will be taking up membership and so there is an opportunity for these online league matches to be sent for rating.  How would your club feel about that?


One other question: if there was a cup competition as well as a league, would your club / team want to enter that? 


Please reply to Geoff Brown ( no later than Saturday 18thSeptember 2021 stating how many teams your club wants to enter, along with their captainsí names and contact details.  Lichess usernames will be required for all your playing squad, before the first round on 30th September, but donít let that delay you submitting your club / team entry. 


Best wishes 


Geoff Brown 

General Secretary, Sheffield & District Chess Association