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On-Line League 2020-21, Season 2, Round 1


All seems to have gone well with the new-look, multi-division “season” 2.  (There must be a better word than “season”.)  Alongside the three divisions, there is a “lucky dip” section designed to provide a friendly match for teams receiving a bye in a given round.  In division 3, the first-round Ecclesall A v Sheffield Deaf match is scheduled for 18/03/2021.  Games can be watched on Lichess by clicking on links displayed on the ECF League Management System.  Two games have been identified for adding to the Games page of this website.  Keeping an eye on all the games at once is a bit difficult, so some scintillating gems may have been missed.


In the Lucky Dip section, 2nd-division Rotherham met 1st-division Nomads A, and the game on board 1 saw a game between Oskar Hackner (White) against Peter Ackley in which Black acquiesced to the loss of a pawn, to reduce the pieces to R plus opposite-coloured B apiece.  White tried to win, but Black seized an opportunity to engineer a draw by repetition.  Click on the following link to play through the game on screen:  Oskar Hackner ˝-˝ Peter Ackley


In Division 1, Mark Allison on board 1 for Woodseats A, with the white pieces, met Chris Ross of Darnall & Handsworth A.  The ending was just getting exciting when Black lost on time.  There is a case for suggesting Black might have been in a position to get a significant advantage at that point, but clearly the pressure conjured up by White during the game had been sufficient to win on the clock, even if not in the post mortem.  Click on the following link to play through the game on screen:  Mark Allison 1-0 Chris Ross


There is a result page on this website for each division, accessible from the Home page via links in the green boxes illustrated below.  Matches are to be added, round by round, so the pages build up over time.  (The pictures of links below are of course not themselves actual links!)