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20/09/1877, Sheffield




20/09/1943, Sheffield


24/09/1943, City Road Cemetery, Sheffield


Non-Chess Life


Edward Weston, the future chess-player, was born to Edward Weston (senior, born 1834/35, Nottingham) and Jane Weston (born, 1839/40, Hereford), who appear to have married between 1861 and 1871, had the following seven children, all born in Sheffield:


Louisa Isabelle Weston

born 1871

Thomas Weston

born 1872

died 26/07/1952

Jane Weston

born 1873

Bertha Weston

born 1875/76

died 19/01/1937

Edward Weston

born 20/09/1877

20/09/1943, Sheffield

Ernest Weston

born 1879/80

Percy Weston

born Oct/Nov 1880


The fact that he died on his 66th birthday tells us our man’s date of birth.


The 1881 census found the family living at 5 Victoria Road, Sheffield.  Father Edward Weston was a newsagent.  The eldest five children, even 3-year-old Edward junior, were scholars.  The household included a governess-teacher and three servants.


The 1891 census found the family living at 28 Whitworth Road, Sheffield.  Father Edward Weston was now described as a wholesale newsagent, stationer and printer.  Louisa had a job (difficult to decipher), Thomas was a printer’s apprentice, presumably in his father’s business.


As the sons got older, two of them, Edward junior and Thomas, joined their father, Edward senior, leading to the formation of the firm Edward Weston and Sons, wholesale newsagents etc.


In June 1900 an Edward Weston stood as a Liberal for election as a city councillor in a bye-election in Nether Hallam ward, but appears to have been unsuccessful.  This was presumably Edward Weston senior.  He seems not to have been elected.


For the 1901 census, father Edward seem to have been away, as only the mother, Jane, and children Jane, Bertha, Edward, Ernest and Percy Weston, and two servants were listed at 28 Whitworth Road, Sheffield.  Thomas was a wholesale newsagent etc, Edward junior was a newsagent manager, but Ernest was a chartered accountant’s articled clerk, and Percy was an architect’s articled student.


On 17/08/1903, at Chapeltown, to the NW of Sheffield, Edward Weston junior married Beatrice Faries (born 30/11/1879, Thorncliffe near Chapeltown).  The couple had the following three children:


Edward Weston

born 1904/05, Sheffield

Eric Joseph Weston

born 1908, Sheffield

Sidney Weston

born 1913, Sheffield


Our man’s mother, Jane Weston, died at home, 28 Whitworth Rd, on 20/07/1905, aged 66, and was buried at Sheffield City Road Cemetery, on 22/07/1905.


The 1911 census found Edward junior and Beatrice living with their first two sons, Edward and Eric, and a servant, at 49 Norfolk Road, Park, Sheffield.  Our man was a wholesale newsagent, stationer and printer.


Our man’s father, Edward Weston senior, died on 03/01/1917, aged 82, and was buried at Sheffield City Road Cemetery, with his wife, on 06/01/1917.


White’s Sheffield directory for 1917, 1919-20 and 1921 listed Edward Weston (junior) at 49 Norfolk Road, Sheffield.  Kelly’s Sheffield directory for 1922 listed him next door, at 51 Norfolk Road, where hitherto one George Hill, potato merchant, had lived.  51 Norfolk Road remained our man’s home to his death, apart from a brief period after his house suffered bomb damage.


On 01/11/1936, Edward Weston stood for election to Sheffield City Council in Park Ward, where he resided, but, although the existing Labour party majority was much reduced, he was not elected.  However, a bye-election arose in Woodseats Ward, only a matter of weeks later, and he stood there and was elected by a majority of almost 2,000 on a small turnout.


Our man’s eldest sister, Bertha, died on 19/01/1937, aged 61, and she was buried with her parents on 22/01/1937.


The Westons, though too old for military service in World War II, nevertheless were severely affected by enemy action, as during the air raids on Sheffield, over the nights of 12th to 15th December 1940, their business premises were destroyed, and our man’s home at 51 Norfolk Road was damaged.  According to his obituary, our man’s health took a turn for the worse after the air-raid damage.


In 1939, perhaps due to bomb damage on Norfolk Road, Edward and Beatrice were living at Stone Cottage, Calver Road, Bakewell.  Edward also lived for a while at Ridgeway, to the SE of Sheffield, on the Yorkshire Derbyshire border, but returned in time to Norfolk Road.


He had been on the executive of the Provincial Wholesale Newspaper Distribution Association.  His connection with chess was noted by the obituary, as well as a close connection with Norfolk Tennis Club.




Edward Weston died in Sheffield Royal Infirmary on 20/09/1943.


Notices of his death appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph of 22/09/1943 and 23/09/1943, and on 23/09/1943 the same paper carried on page 3 an obituary headed “Councillor Dies on 66th Birthday”.


He was buried on 24/09/1943 in a grave adjacent to his parents’ grave at Sheffield’s City Road Cemetery.  (Click here for images of the grave.)


Neither the death notices nor the obituary mentioned the date of the death, but it is recorded on the gravestone and in probate records.


He left a widow and three sons.


Wife Beatrice seems to have come from a family of great female longevity, as she lived to the age of 92, dying on 17/02/1972, and being buried in her husband’s grave.  Her sister, Amy Sharp, similarly lived to the same age of 92, and died on 15/02/1972, and was buried in the same grave.




“Thomas Weston”, presumably Edwards older brother, was secretary of the Sheffield Chess Club from 1925 (or before) through to about 1935, when Arnold Yarworth Green took over the post.


Edward was for a period president of the Sheffield Chess Club.


In 1915, Edward donated the Weston Trophy for competition between clubs weaker than those competing in the Davy Trophy.


He was an opponent of Capablanca in the latter’s 1919 simultaneous display in Sheffield.


He played in the 1924 simultaneous display by Geza Maroczy in Sheffield





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