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George Padley’s parents were James Padley (born,1878/79) and Mary Padley (née Belcher, 1800/01), who had at least four children:


Charles Padley

born 1822/23

George Padley

born 1825, Sheffield

Mary Padley

born 1832/33

Samuel Padley

born 1836/37


From his ages in censuses, George Padley would appear to have been born at some time from 01/04/1825 to 06/06/1825.


The 1841 census found parents James and Mary, and the above four children, living at South Street (the one which is now the Moor).  Father James was a butcher.  Eldest son Charles was a table knife cutler.  No comment was given on George’s occupation, if any.


In 1850, George Padley married Elizabeth Cannon Osborne (born 1823/24, Sheffield).  The couple appears to have had no children.


The 1851 census found George and Elizabeth living at 95 Wentworth Terrace, not far from chess-player Thomas Boss.  George was a collector of highway rates.


White’s 1852 directory of Sheffield listed George Padley as a collector living at 95 Wentworth Terrace.


George’s mother, Mary Padley, died in 1858, and at some stage within the next three years, George and Elizabeth moved in with George’s father, James Padley.


The 1861 census found George and Elizabeth living with James Padley at Gleadless, Sheffield, not specifying a road.  James was a retired butcher, while George was rate collector.


White’s 1862 Sheffield directory listed George Padley more specifically as collector of highways for Ecclesall, with an office in Eldon Street.


George’s father, James Padley, died in 1865.


The 1871 census found George and Elizabeth living with Elizabeth’s unmarried sister, 49-year-old Mary C. Osborne, and a servant, at “Sharrow Mount”, Psalter Lane, Sheffield.  George seems to have moved up in the world as he was now Borough Accountant.


White’s 1871 directory listed George as Borough Accountant, with his office at Bower Spring, off Gibraltar Street, Sheffield, and his home at “Sharrow Mount”.


At some stage George and Elizabeth moved to Nottingham, to live in retirement with the family of George’s married sister, Mary Porter.  George Padley was not listed in White’s 1876 Sheffield directory.  Accordingly, the 1881 census found George, a retired accountant, and his wife Elizabeth, living in the household of Gregory Porter (George’s brother-in-law), a retired schoolmaster, at 1 Balmoral Road, Sherwood, Nottingham.


In time George and Elizabeth moved to Scarborough, were Elizabeth died in 1895.


George’s 38-year-old unmarried niece, Mary E. Padley, must have gone to live with George at some time, as the 1901 census found the two living with two servants at 33 Westbourne Grove, Scarborough.  George was described as a retired accountant.




George Padley died at Scarborough in 1911.




George Padley was a member of the committee of the Sheffield Athenaeum & Mechanics Institution Chess Club for the season 1850-51, and was president for 1851-52.


He was a member of the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club, at least in 1865, 1866 and 1867, and in 1871.





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