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Ages quoted at specific dates limit George’s date of birth to the period 19/01/1849 to 31/03/1849.


George Charles Fruhling (usually printed in English texts without the umlaut over the “u”) was born in Germany.  Quite when the family came to England is unclear, but the information provided by the 1881 census regarding his sister, Katie Fruhling (born 1862/63, Kensington, Middlesex), rather implies the Fruhling family had arrived in England by 1863, when George would be 14 years old at the most.


The 1871 census found 22-year-old German-born George “Frohlong” [i. e. Fruhling] as one of four people visiting solicitor George Cuddon, at 2 Colville Gardens, Kingston-upon-Thames.  It is significant that another visitor was 25-year-old Nottingham-born Theresa “Chattonton” [i. e. Teresa Chatterton].  Quite why George and Theresa were visiting George Cuddon is unclear, but the two were soon to be married.


In 1871 or 1872, George Charles Fruhling married Teresa Mary Chatterton in London.  The couple had at least the following two children:


Joseph Charles G Fruhling

born 1872, Bayswater, Middlesex

Bernard Victor Fruhling

born 1876, Sheffield


It is evident from the places of birth of the children that George and Teresa started out together in the London area.


George was in partnership with Conrad Mortimore Conrath, as commission merchants, operating from 3 Brabant Court, Philpot Lane, London, but on 15/12/1874 the firm was declared bankrupt.


The bankruptcy, or impending bankruptcy, was perhaps what precipitated the move to Sheffield, which took place at about this time.  It seems likely the bankruptcy was not known about in Sheffield, as George was admitted into membership of the Sheffield Athenaeum Club.


White’s General and Commercial Directory of Sheffield, 1879, listed George Fruhling, foreign correspondent, living at 375 Glossop Road, Sheffield.  That address had not been listed in the 1876 directory, rather implying it was then unoccupied.


Around 1880, the Fruhlings moved from Sheffield to the London area again.


George undertook a trip to the United States, arriving at New York (as a 31-year-old merchant of Prussian nationality) on 18/01/1881.  This, or another business trip, probably explains why he was not at home at the time of the 1881 census, which found Teresa, the two boys, and George’s sister Katie, living at 4 Victoria Road Willesden, Middlesex.


George is elusive in the 1891 census, but was probably still in the London area.


The 1901 census found George and Teresa living with one servant at 32 Maitland Park Road, Kentish Town, London.  George was describe as a tutor and translator.




George Charles Fruhling died at the age of 54, in 1903, in London.




During his relatively brief stay in Sheffield, George Charles Fruhling became a member of the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club, where he is mentioned as receiving a prize of some sort at the club’s annual general meeting on Thursday 25/01/1877.


He played for the Athenaeum in a match against St. Peter’s Chess Club on 13/02/1877.





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