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A chess club at Worksop was formed in 1933, though there may well have been an earlier Worksop Chess Club which lapsed.  Suitable premises for meetings had been secured at the Regal Cinema Café, the manager of which, Mr. Dowy, had been very supportive of the project to form the club.  The opening meeting was held on Tuesday 17/10/1933, and was attended by 20 members.


Officers were elected as follows:


Councillor W. Curr


C. Booth

hon. secretary:

F Maxted,

149 Anston Avenue,




A Farr,

117 Anston Avenue,


hon. treasurer:

S Holmes.


The committee consisted of the above, along with a Mr. Barrass, C Holmes, A C Matthews, and A Lumley Smith.


Club fees were set at a one-off 2s 6d entry fee, and 6d per month subscription.  Club nights were Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Though there were initially 20 members, it was expected that numbers would swell in due course, even to 50 members.  By 03/02/1934, membership had increased to 33.


On Friday 10/11/1933, Worksop Chess Club was visited by a group of Sheffield chess-players, namely the reigning Sheffield Chess Champion, W. C. Evans, J. S. Richardson (secretary of the S&DCA and of Sheffield Chess Club), J. S. Hamer and H. W. Scarlett.  A number of Chesterfield players also attended.  W. C. Evans gave a simultaneous display over 20 boards, winning 11, drawing 4, and losing 5.  His opponents who beat him included F. Maxted and A Farr, both or Worksop, F Raynes and R. J Hooton, both of Chesterfield, and H. W. Scarlett of Sheffield.  The four draws were all scored by Worksop players.  J. S. Richardson of Sheffield was among those who lost.


Around January 1934, C A Longbottom, JP, Mayor of Worksop, proposed a Championship Trophy (presumably planning to donate one himself).


On Thursday 08/02/1934, A E Raynes of Chesterfield gave a simultaneous display at Worksop Chess Club, at the Regal Cinema Cafe.  He took on 20 opponents, mainly from the Worksop club, but including some visitors.  He won 15 games, drew 3 (with a Mr. Coggan and F. Raynes, both of Chesterfield, and J. S. Richardson, of Sheffield), and lost 1 (to S. Holmes).


In April 1934, the club moved its meeting place to St. John’s Institute, Overend Road, Worksop.


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