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St. Peter's Club was formed in 1872 “for the convenience of tradesmen and clerks”, and occupied premises at 81 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, on the corner with Arundel Street (now Arundel Gate), near where now is the Lyceum Theatre.


When he chess club associated with St Peter’s Club came into being is unclear, but it seems to have been 1873.  The Chess Player’s Chronicle, in 1877, described it as a “young and rising” club.  It seems to have been the first new chess club to have arisen in Sheffield, since the demise of Edmund Thorold’s short-lived Sheffield Chess Club.  The main figure associated with the club appears to have been Edwin Barraclough.


The club’s strength it did not approach the Sheffield Athenaeum Chess Club, against which it played two matches in 1877.  When reporting on these matches, the Chess Player’s Chronicle of 1877, on page 67, commented:


The "St Peter's" is a young and rising Club, and the "Athenaeum” must keep awake, or it will lose the pre-eminence of being, as it has been for so many years, the strongest Chess Club in Sheffield. These encounters have infused new life; and we trust that next season will witness a renewal of the friendly contest.


Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire, 1881, noted that


The St. Peter’s Chess Club meet every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at 8 o’clock.  Mr. E. Barraclough is president and acting secretary.


The St. Peter’s Club closed down in 1881, and the Arundel Club Company Ltd was formed later in 1881 to take over the former St Peter’s Club, including its Norfolk Street premises.  The chess club resumed activities, fairly seamlessly, as the Arundel Chess Club.





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