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Narrative: 5) 1925 to 1939: The Sheffield & District Chess Association Revived

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The post-war period saw the revival, in 1925, of the Sheffield & District Chess Association as an active organisation, independent of the Sheffield Chess Club.


It was perhaps fitting that the first president of the revived S&DCA was Ernest Richards Davy, second son of Arthur Davy who had been the founding president of the Association.


The period is well documented by Bill Batley’s column which was resuscitated in the Yorkshire Telegraph and Star, running from 09/09/1922 to 26/08/1939, which was the longest-running and most comprehensive weekly chess column which Sheffield has seen.


Very little fundamental change occurred, if any.  “History” in this phase, as in the next, can be little more than documenting the arrival and disappearance of clubs, collating results and listing winners.


One developmental feature was the introduction of a team knock-out competition, that for the Richardson Cup, whose purpose was to give second division players a chance to encounter first division players.


This time war brought things to a standstill.  Chess competitions ceased.  Some premises which served as venues for chess clubs were requisitioned for the war effort, and, of course, people got killed.  One indirect casualty of World War II was the records of the Sheffield and District Chess Association.  Having said that, Bill Batley’s newspaper column made the loss of little importance.


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