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Entries to Sheffield Online League - Season 3



With any luck, club officials will recall that Geoff Brown sent out an invitation to clubs to enter a third On-Line League, starting 30th September 2021, with a closing date for entries of 18/09/2021.  (See notice on this website.)


On 14 Sep 2021, at 08:42, Phill Beckett e-mailed Geoff, copying in a few others, asking simply,


“How are entries going?”


This evoked the even shorter response, timed at 9:21,




. . . . and not even a full stop to end it.


So, this notice is by way of a reminder to anyone reading it, whose club is dithering regarding entering a team or teams (and deciding the number of teams may well be holding things up), to chivvy things along and get those entries in!