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Entries Invited for 3rd Kelham Island One-Day Outdoor Over-the-Board Rapidplays

20th June 2021


Following on from the previous two events on 25/04/2021 and 23/05/2021, the third is to be held on 20/06/2021, and Geoff Brown is trying to round up entrants.  The following is slightly adapted from an e-mail sent out by Geoff yesterday.


Hi everyone


I'm currently taking entries for the event at Kelham Island this coming Sunday, 20th June.


I have 12 confirmed entries so far (Arnott, Barker, Brennan, Brown, Chatterton, D'Agnese, Frost, Gajdosz, Holroyd-Doveton, Irwin, Nettleship and Stephenson) and have room for another 8 or so.  If you want to enter and you're not on my list yet then please let me know as soon as possible.  I'm hoping to make the draw on Friday evening or early Saturday morning when entrants will be split into groups of 4-6 players.


Each group will play an all-play-all within their own group, each at its own separate venue.  The groups will not mix throughout the day.  The games will be played at the rate of 15 minutes per player plus 5 seconds per move. With the 5 second increment on the clocks, each game should be over within 40 minutes and that gives us 20 minutes to clean the pieces and clock, take a comfort break and order more beer (or whatever your poison may be).


The four venues this week are the same ones that we used last time:

The Millowners Arms, Kelham Island Museum, Alma Street, Sheffield S3 8RY

Saw Grinders Union, Globe Works, Penistone Road, Sheffield S6 3AE

The Fat Cat, 23 Alma Street, Sheffield S3 8SA

Yellow Arch Studios, 30-36 Burton Road, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8BX


The first three serve food and drinks.  There is no food or hot drinks at Yellow Arch but you are allowed to purchase them from Gaard Cafe next door and consume them at Yellow Arch.  Please remember that these places aren't charging us for use of their tables over a period of several hours so the least we can do is to repay them by buying their wares. I can recommend the roast dinners at The Millowners, and the burgers at Saw Grinders sound good.


I'll make sure there are chess sets, clocks, wipes, spray and hand gel for each group but please bring your own face coverings (for protecting others) and any ppe you want (for protecting yourself).  You will need to book into whichever venue you're based at, either by using the NHS Covid app or by leaving your contact details with the staff.  Such details will only be kept for 21 days.  You will be expected to follow any anti-Covid rules set down by the venue you're playing at (e.g. wearing your face covering when entering or moving about the premises, paying for your refreshments by card or through an app rather than with cash).  All of the games will be played out of doors and you will be in a group of no more than six, so reducing the risk of Covid transmission, but there is a greater risk when we're sat down, face to face, playing each other.  For that reason, I am recommending that we all wear our face coverings during play.  However, I am aware that one of the entrants has an exemption from wearing a face covering.  I will try to provide a spare set and board for that group so those games can be played over two boards if desired.


As soon as each game is finished the pieces and clock should be immediately reset and sanitised.  They should not be touched any more until the start of the next game. Used wipes and any other rubbish should be placed in the rubbish bag that I'll provide.


The above information is not exhaustive, but I ask that you all use your common sense to protect yourself, the other competitors, bar staff, and the general public.  If anybody needs to contact me for any reason, then please ring or message me on 07931 563787.

Any questions?


Geoff Brown