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4NCL On Line League Season 3, Round 4


The fourth round of the new season of the on-line 4NCL (senior) league was played on Tuesday 09/03/2021.  Sheffield is represented by Darnall & Handsworth and Sheffield Deaf, both in Division 4, the first winning and the second drawing, as detailed below.


Once again, Sheffield-resident Gawain Jones and Rotherham-resident Oskar Hackner both played for Chessable White Rose 1, both winning!


There were some interesting names in teams opposing Yorkshire-based teams.  Mark Hassall of Trelawney’s Army used to play for Rotherham many years ago.  Adam Hart-Davis of Plymouth 1 used to present TV programmes of the “What the Romans Did for Us” genre, and while working with Yorkshire Television used to play chess in Leeds, appearing at the board sporting an unnecessarily broad-brimmed hat; his son also played.  Somewhat amusing was the appearance in Division 4 of GM Dr. John Nunn, playing board 1 for Bude Surfers, and managing to overcome Paul Johnson of Bradford DCA Knights B.  (Result details of all 12 Yorkshire-based teams, as well as Oskar’s game, appear on the YCA website here.)


Round-4 results of the 2 Sheffield-based teams were as follows (left-hand team having white on odd boards).  Geoff Brown’s game was one of the most entertaining, and can be played through on screen:


Division 4

Darnall & Handsworth


Temple Sutton

Marek Gajdosz


John R Marshall

Geoffrey D Brown


Gary M Perks

Oliver Brennan


Melvin R Pool

John M Oughton


Mark Clancy


(* Click here to play through Perks v Brown.)



Bishop Trojans


Sheffield Deaf

Brian Robinson


Mark Kirkham

Peter J Smith


Stephen Gibson

Bryan J Bainbridge


Reuben Litherland

Robert Berry


Howard Cooper