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07/10/1879, Englishcombe, Somerset



1967, East Yorkshire




Identity of the Chess-Player


There was a Herbert Joseph Veater born in 1849, in Bath, who was perhaps our man’s uncle.  There was an H. J. Veater who was a member and team captain of Teignmouth Chess Club as late as 1946 to 1949.  This would appear to have been another member of the same extended West Country family with the same or similar name.  (Some extended families had favoured names which got repeated in various branches of the family.)


Non-Chess Life


Herbert Joseph Veater was a son of Joseph Dore Veater (born 1842, Temple Cloud, Somerset) and Rebecca Veater (née Maggs; born 1849, Englishcombe, Somerset) who had married in 1874, in Bath or thereabouts (probably Englishcombe) and had at least the following children:


Arthur William Veater

born 1874/75, Portland, Dorset

Amy Amanda Veater

born 1876/77, Englishcombe, Somerset

Herbert Joseph Veater

born 1879, Englishcombe, Somerset

Edward George Veater

born 1883, Bristol (Barton Regis)

Maud(e) Edith Veater

born 1884, Bristol (Barton Regis)

Elsie Maria Veater

born 1890, Bristol (Barton Regis)

Ethel Irene Veater

born 1892, Bristol (Barton Regis)


Englishcombe is 3 miles SW of the centre of Bath.


The 1881 census found parents and first three children living at 25 Northcote Street, Bristol.  The father was described as a Greenwich Pensioner, which implies he was in receipt of a pension in respect of naval service.


The 1891 census found the family at 7 Northcote Street, Bristol.  The father was now an insurance agent as well as a naval pensioner.  Arthur and Herbert were both scholars, but Amy was a pupil teacher, setting the mould for more of her siblings.


Herbert obtained a Board of Education Certificate and a University of London Matriculation Certificate, and he did his “teacher training” at St Paul’s training College, Cheltenham.


His first teaching post was as an assistant master at Barton Hill Council School, Bristol, from 1900 to 1902.


The 1901 census found the family at the same address, and now both Amy and Herbert were assistant schoolteachers, while Edward and Maude were pupil teachers.  The father was still an insurance agent.


From 1902 to 1913 Herbert was an assistant master at Easton Council School, Bristol.


In 1908 he married Emily Ryder (born 24/11/1883, Kingsbridge district), in the Kingsbridge district, Devon.


Herbert and Emily had at least three children:


Joanna Veater

born 1909/10, Bristol

Nora Veater

born 22/09/1915, Pocklington

Alan Veater

born 1918, Pocklington


The 1911 census found the family of three living at 14 Osborne Avenue, Ashley Down, Bristol.  Joanna was recorded as “Joan”.


From 1913 to 1914 Herbert held his first headship, of Training Ship “Mount Edgcumbe”, moored off Saltash, Cornwall, which was able to take 250 boys aged 12 to 16, who could include boys sentenced to detention by the courts.


From 1914 to 1919 he was head of Seaton Ross Church of England School, York.


Next, from 1919 to 1924, he was head of Flamborough Church of England School, roughly 5 miles NE of Bridlington.


The Sheffield Daily Telegraph of 28/01/1924 reported that, at the monthly meeting of the Rotherham Borough Education Committee, it was indicated that Mr. H. J. Veater had been appointed head teacher of the Rotherham Parish Church of England Boys’ School.  Accordingly, the Bridlington Free Press of 03/04/1924 reported that Herbert had left Flamborough on Monday 28/04/1924 to take up his new post in Rotherham, going on to speak glowingly of Herbert’s achievements at Flamborough.


By an odd twist of fate, his replacement at Flamborough was from Sheffield (adjacent to Rotherham), and the Bridlington Free Press of 08/03/1924 reported, “There were many candidates for the post of village schoolmaster rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr. H. Veater. The local school managers have selected Mr. Hartley, of Sheffield, . . . .”


In 1931 Herbert took up the headship of Doncaster Road Council Boys’ School, Rotherham.


The 1939 register recorded Herbert, wife, and daughter Nora living at “Bolt Head”, Wignall Avenue, Wickersley, Rotherham.


Herbert presumably retired around 1944, and his place of death suggests he returned to East Yorkshire, probably Pocklington, but conceivably Flamborough.




Herbert J Veater died, aged 87, in 1967, in the Buckrose registration district of East Yorkshire.




While living in Flamborough he joined Bridlington Chess Club, and is recorded playing for Bridlington against a Hull second team on 13/03/1924, seemingly on board 8 of a 10-man team.


Having arrived in Rotherham in 1924, Herbert Joseph Veater seems soon to have engaged with the local chess scene, and became secretary of Rotherham Chess Club, at a time when Rotherham had its own chess league, besides there being the opportunity for Rotherham Chess Club to play also in the Sheffield league.


He played in 1931-32 for Rotherham in the Woodhouse Cup (and possibly also in other seasons).


One claim to fame was his draw with F D Yates in the latter’s 1928 simultaneous display in Rotherham.





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