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Thomas Arthur Peck











Made in Yorkshire



Sheffield Sub-Site



1858, Bothamsall, Notts.



08/07/1944, Sheffield


13/07/1944, Crookes Cemetery, Sheffield


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Thomas Arthur Peck were William Peck (born 1824/25, Bothamsall, Notts., 4 miles N of Ollerton) and Katharine Peck (born 1828/29, Southwell, Notts., famous for its minster).  The couple had at least the following six children, all born at Bothamsall:


Charlotte Helen Peck

born 1854/55

Edward Hill Peck

born 1856/57

Thomas Arthur Peck

born 1858

Henry Herbert Peck

born May/Jun 1860

Leonard Peck

born 1864/65

Walter L Peck

born 1865/66


Thomas Arthur Peck was thus born in 1858 at Bothamsall, Notts., the birth being registered in the second quarter of 1858 at East Retford.


The 1861 census found the parents and first four children living at Bothamsall.  Father William was a maltster and farmer.


The 1871 census found the parents at living at Bothamsall with youngest sons Leonard and Walter, posing the question of where the first four children were, especially 12-year-old Thomas.  At boarding school?


The 1881 census found 22-year-old Thomas A. Peck as a solicitor boarding with the Greenwood family at 9 St Stephen Street, Hull.


The 1891 census found Thomas back with his parents, Charlotte, Leonard and Walter, in Bothamsall.  Father William was still a farmer and maltster.  Thomas was still a solicitor.  Leonard was a corn merchant.


On the basis of chess appearances, Thomas was still living in Hull in 1888, but by 1900 was living in Sheffield, but he is elusive in the 1901 census.


The1911 census found unmarried 52-year-old solicitor Thomas Arthur Peck boarding at 79 Woodstock Road, Sheffield.


By 1944 he seems to have taken up residence at Kenwood Hotel, Sheffield, which hotel has a gatehouse in the angle between Rundle Road and Kenwood Road, but has its main entrance on Kenwood Road.  This hotel has since then been variously renamed the Hotel St. George, the Swallow Hotel and so on.  One loses track.


Thomas would appear to have never married.




Thomas Arthur Peck of Kenwood Hotel, Sheffield, died 08/07/1944, aged 85.  Probate was granted to the National Provincial Bank Ltd and Henry Herbert Peck, retired farmer.  He left effects of £16,508 3s 1d.  He was buried at Sheffield’s Crookes Cemetery, but no headstone or other stonework is now evident at the grave plot.




While living in Hull, “T. A. Peck” numbered among those present at Edmund Thorold’s visit to Hull United Liberal Chess Club on 12/09/1888.


“T. A. Peck” was a regular player in Sheffield’s Woodhouse Cup team from 1899-00 or earlier.


From much the same period he played for Yorkshire in county matches, though he seems to have ceased inter-county play after the 1903-04 season.





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