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1879, Sheffield


26/12/1879, Milford, Derbys.


23/11/1960, Middlesex




Non-Chess Life


The parents of Louis Nono Lean (born 1856, Truro, Cornwall) and Mary Emma Lean (née Quicke, 1856, Woodbury, Devon; daughter of a surgeon), who were married in 1878.  The couple had the following children, all born in Sheffield:


Louis John Lean

born 1879

Dorothy Nora Lean

born Jan/Feb 1881

Mary Emma Lean

born 1882

Noel Edward Lean

born 1883/84

Evelyn Terrell Lean

born 1887/88

Margery Wise Lean

born 1889


It is not clear quite when the father, Louis Nono Lean, came to Sheffield, but it was presumably in late 1878 or early 1879, and it was presumably as a result of securing a post as an analytical chemist in Sheffield’s iron and steel industry.


Louis John Lean was baptised on 26/12/1879, apparently at Milford, Derbyshire, though why the baptism should have taken place there is unclear.


The 1881 census found parents Louis and Mary living at 12 Burngreave Road, Sheffield, about a mile from the city centre, with children Louis and Dorothy, Mary’s unmarried sister, Margaret Wise Quicke (born 1861, Bexley Heath, Kent; surgeon’s daughter), and two servants.  Father Louis was a chemist and assayer at an iron and steel works.


The 1891 census found the family had relocated to Cannon Hall, Barnsley Road, two and a bit miles from the city centre.  Parents Louis and Mary had all six children living with them, and two servants.  A 24-year-old Sheffield-born spinster named “Ada Barker do.” (i. e. Ada Barker Lean), living on her own means, happened to be visiting at the time.  This suggests there were Leans in Sheffield in 1866/67, but the “do.” seems spurious; she seems to have been simply Ada Barker.  Father Louis was now described as a consulting chemist.  The oldest four children were scholars.


The 1901 census found the family had moved again, this time to 6 Elmore Road, in the Broomhill area of Sheffield, where the two parents and six children lived with one servant.  Father Louis was still a consulting chemist.  Son Louis was now a type founder.  Son Noel was a pupil to a consulting chemist (presumably to his father).


In 1904, Louis John Lean married Florence Ellen Quicke (born 1878/79, Truro), who was clearly a cousin.  The couple had at least three children, all born in Sheffield, but the first two were twins who died at or near birth:


John Lean

born 1907; died 1907

Louis Lean

born 1907

died 1907

buried 28/09/1907, St. Thomas, Crookes

John Terrell

born 1909


John was presumably similarly buried at St. Thomas, Crookes, up the hill from Broomhill.


The 1911 census found Louis John Lean, wife Florence Ellen Lean, son John Terrell Lean, and sister Margery Wise Lean, living at 58 Bower Road, in the Crookesmoor area of Sheffield.  Louis John Lean was now a shipping clerk.


Our man’s father, Louis Nono Lean, died at the age of 57, in hospital in Keighley, in early January 1914 or late December 1913, and was buried in Sheffield’s Burngreave Cemetery on 08/01/1914.


Our man’s mother, Mary Emma Lean, died at the age of 59, in Menston Asylum near Leeds, in 1915, and was buried, with her husband, in Sheffield’s Burngreave Cemetery on 09/041/1915.


At some stage, certainly by 1930 on the basis of electoral rolls, Louis John Lean had moved to London, and ended up at 1 Gunnersbury Gardens, Acton.


Louis John Lean’s wife, Florence Ellen Lean, died at the age of 81, in early 1960 or late 1959, in the London area, and Louis himself was dead within a year thereafter.




Louis John Lean died, aged 80, on 23/11/1960, in the London area.




“L. J. Lean” represented Sheffield in the Woodhouse Cup at least in the period 02/12/1899 to 16/03/1907, and quite probably later.


He represented Yorkshire in the 1904 Yorkshire-Cheshire match.





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