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born 1869, Sheffield




06/03/1951, Sheffield


09/03/1951, Sheffield


The Spelling of the Surname


It seems that Frank Hartshorn’s father’s name, correctly spelt, was James Birch Hartshorne, with a final ”e”.  His birth and two marriage registrations use the surname “Hartshorne”.  Nevertheless, James Birch Hartshorne seems not to have been too enamoured of his final “e”, as not only was his name in censuses spelt without the finale “e”, which could in any case be blamed on the enumerators, but his children’s births were all registered consistently without that finale “e”.


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Frank Hartshorn (without an “e”) were James Birch Hartshorne (with an “e”; born 1839, Manchester) and Sarah Ann Hartshorne (née Tyre/Eyre(?), c. 1850, Manchester).  His mother’s maiden name was given as Tyre in the marriage registration, but the birth of a Sarah Ann Tyre is difficult to trace, and “Eyre” seems possibly correct.  This couple had the following three children, all born in Sheffield:


Frank Hartshorn

born 1869

Annie Hartshorn

born 1870

Alice Hartshorn

born 1871


The 1871 census listed the parents and first two children living at 1 West Bar, where father James was a spirit merchant, though it appears this was perhaps a public house, as one of three servants listed was by occupation a waiter.  James’s age was given as 29, but 31 would be more consistent with birth registration evidence.


Sarah Ann Hartshorne died in 1874, perhaps in childbirth, at the age of 24.  Within 12 months, in 1875, in Sheffield, James had remarried, to Annie Hague (born 1842/43, Sheffield), who may have been born simply as “Ann”.  This couple added the following two children to the above three, both born in Sheffield:


John Hague Hartshorn

born 1879

Sarah Ellen Hartshorn

born 1880


The 1881 census found the parents and five children living at the White Lion Inn, 140 New Queen Street (later known simply as Queen Street, so perhaps an extension of the original), Sheffield.  The household included Annie’s mother, cutlery-manufacturer widowed Sarah Hague, and Annie’s unmarried sister Eliza Hague.


James Birch Hartshorne died in 1887, in Sheffield.  His death was registered without his final “e”.


The 1891 census found widowed Annie Hartshorn(e) and all five Hartshorn children living still at the White Lion Inn at what was by then simply 140 Queen Street, without the “New”.  Annie was a licensed victualler The household included two servants who were more specifically barmen.  22-year-old Frank Hartshorn was listed as being in employment as a “silver smith set maker”.


The 1901 census found Annie, now seemingly retired, living with only Frank and Sarah, at 4 Travis Place, in the Broomhall district of Sheffield.  Frank was now described as a silversmith’s brazier.  Annie had now stated source of income or means, so Frank was perhaps now the sole breadwinner.


In 1906, half-sister Sarah Ellen Hartshorn married Michael Sharman Waite in Sheffield.


The 1911 census found Annie living still at 4 Travis Place, now with Frank and John.  Frank was employed by a silversmith as a “set mounter and raiser” and John was a waiter in a hotel.


In 1932, a Frank Hartshorn married an Alice Bailey, in Sheffield.  Whether this was our man (he’d be 63) is unclear, but it probably wasn’t, as there seems no death in Sheffield of an Alice Hartshorn prior to Frank’s death, but neither is a wife mentioned in his death notice which nevertheless mentions only a half-sister.




Frank Hartshorn died on 06/03/1951, aged 81, at Firvale Infirmary, Sheffield.  He was cremated at Sheffield’s City Road Cemetery on 09/03/1951.  He was described in the death notice [Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 08/03/1951] as brother to Mrs. S. E. Waite, rather implying he had no surviving wife.




Frank Hartshorn was a member of Sheffield YMCA Chess Club.  He must have been regarded as of reasonable playing strength as he played on board 2 for the YMCA in the 1900 Gainsborough v Sheffield YMCA match.





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