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Edmund Thorold’s Visit to Hull United Liberal Chess Club, 06/09/1888


Edmund Thorold made a number of chess visits to Hull after moving to the West Country.


The Leeds Mercury Weekly Supplement of Saturday 15th September 1888 reported:

On Thursday afternoon last week the members of the Hull United Liberal Chess Club, together with the representatives of the other chess clubs in the district, had the pleasure of a visit from the distinguished amateur, Mr. E. Thorold, of Bath, who played a number of simultaneous games.  The following players entered the lists:- Messrs. T. G. Hart, R. H. Phillip, Geo. W. Farrow, J. Hyde, F. F. Ayre, W. D. Theaker, T. A. Peck, J. T. Simpson, R. Morris, E. Lait, jun., F. G. Dodds, M. Habbershaw, J. Needler, and J. Young.  Mr. Phillip was the first to succumb, being followed by Messrs. Hart, and Theaker.  Mr. Hyde made an excellent stand, having Rook v. Bishop in the end game; but his experienced adversary eventually scored the victory, and also compelled Mr. Farrow to strike his colours.  Messrs. Ayre and Young obtained draws, and so did Mr. Simpson after having had a somewhat inferior position.  Mr. Downs scored a well-merited victory; and Mr. Morris also won his game.  Mr. Lait had a difficult position after several exchanges, but Mr. Thorold shortly after resigned.  Messrs. Peck, Dodds, Habbershaw, and Needler made creditable stands, but eventually succumbed.  Mr. Thorold’s score was nine won, three lost, and three were drawn.  Several influential visitors came during the play, and stayed to tea at the kind invitation of the President of the Chess Club (Mr. J. Crake [ see James Crake]), Mrs. Crake presiding at the table.  Mr. Crake, in responding to a vote of thanks passed to himself and Mrs. Crake, expressed bd the indebtedness of the players to Mr. Thorold for his visit, and drew attention to the fact that he was the only successful opponent of Mr. Gunsberg, the winner of the recent Masters’ Tourney at Bradford.  A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Thorold for his visit, and this gentleman responded.  The meeting was a most enjoyable one, and was attended by about fifty of the leading chess players of Hull and neighbourhood.


The list of game results, assuming Thorold was White in each game, is as follows:

E. Thorold     1-0    T. G. Hart

E. Thorold     1-0    R. H. Phillip

E. Thorold     1-0    Geo. W. Farrow

E. Thorold     1-0    J. Hyde

E. Thorold     1-0    W. D. Theaker [William Dyson Theaker]

E. Thorold     1-0    T. A. Peck

E. Thorold     1-0    F. G. Dodds [Frederick George Dodds]

E. Thorold     1-0    M. Habbershaw [Martin Habbershaw]

E. Thorold     1-0    J. Needler

E. Thorold    ½-½   F. F. Ayre)

E. Thorold    ½-½   J. T. Simpson [John T Simpson]

E. Thorold    ½-½   J. Young

E. Thorold     0-1    R. Morris

E. Thorold     0-1    E. Lait, jun. [probably Edward Anderson Lait, son of Edward Lait]

E. Thorold     0-1    Mr. Downs (omitted from initial list of opponents).





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